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Residential Sector

Sylvain, owner of Budget Drain, is proud to be your expert of choice in the region of Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas. He worked very hard to earn his enviable reputation, by providing the best full services in drain and pipe maintenance services available. He realizes the importance of providing superior service starting with the moment you contact us.

Our Mission

Sylvain is committed to getting your job done quickly, performing all installations efficiently, and getting it right the first time. His excellent reputation is based on respecting your requirements, your time and your home. Budget Drain’s top goal is to win your confidence to perform and fulfill all your future residential pipe work, such as:

Sewer Backup

Sewer backup can often cause a lot of damage to your home. Relying on his vast expertise, Sylvain will quickly identify the areas affected by backup and find the solution to your problem, right from the first inspection.


Sylvain also specializes in unclogging sumps, sewers, toilets, sinks, tubs and drains. If your unclogging work requires high pressure water jet services, Budget Drain will assist you with our cutting edge equipment.

Pipe Thawing

When a wave of extreme cold descends on our city, our piping systems are really put to the test. Sylvain has several years of experience in pipe thawing and has various devices that allow him to properly thaw your drains.

Toilet Replacement

For any trouble, call Sylvain, a pipe expert. He will travel to your home to help you find the solution to your toilet problem and make it functional again.

Smoke Test

This test is to blow smoke through your pipes and drains to locate the cause of odours and the channels through which they escape into your home. Using this process, Sylvain can identify problems caused by rodents, isolate possible water leaks and prevent dangerous gas leaks.

Camera Inspection

Budget Drain uses a micro-camera to inspect your roof and your garage drains, and monitors the progress via live cams. When an abnormality is detected, Sylvain locates it using the camera finder system.

Preventive Service

Do not neglect your pipes while waiting for a problem to arise! A preventive visit by Sylvain will help prevent future headaches with leaks, corrosion, low flow and more. Opt for peace of mind.

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