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Jetter Mobile

Small, but powerful!

Specially designed to adapt to all types of drain and sewer cleaning, Jetter Mobile succeeds where other methods have failed. This compact vehicle, unique in Montreal, is ideal for removing roots and debris from pipes. With Jetter Mobile, our customers no longer need to replace their pipes, so they save time and money.

  • Service Price: $500 up to 800$

Jetter Mobile

J-2512 Typhoon

The J-2512 Typhoon water jets are ideal for clearing soft blockages and ice from large water flow pipes and for work located near a water source. The Typhoon uses high pressure water jets aimed at the blockage, forcing it to evacuate. The powerful spray from the nozzle moves through the flexible pipe inside the drain, giving it a “wall-to-wall” cleaning.

  • Tank 200 gal. Tank 2500 psi, 12 gal./Min, 24 HP/CV 300 ft. hose

  • Service Price: $500 up to $800

J-2512 Typhoon


Camera inspection and location system. See for yourself!

A digital marker precisely indicates the depth of the blockage in the pipe. The correct diagnosis will save you time and money. No more guesswork! A single image can easily help save you thousands of dollars.


Service Price

  • Small Camera: $150

  • Big Camera:  $200

  • Location system: $95 and more


General Wire J-3080

General Wire J-3080

Water jets are ideal for clearing soft blockages and ice from collection lines.

  • Service price: $350

  • 3000 psi @ 8 GPM

  • 250 ft. hose

Ridgid K-60

Ridgid K-60

This cable equipment goes up to 200 feet.

Ideal for roots and debris.

  • Service Price: $130

K-75B Sectional Machine                * Starting at 200$

Machine K-75B Sectional

Cutting-Edge Equipment in Montreal

A Vast Selection

In order to make sure the drain unclogging and cleaning services we provide you meet the highest quality standards, the Plomberie Budget Drain staff uses only cutting edge equipment. General Wire, Ridgid, Jetter Mobile and many more are some of the brands of choice we use.


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